Students - How To Write a BioView®

A Class Activity

by Dr Charles Margerison - Author and President of the Amazing People Club

I have introduced my unique BioView® stories in my recent article, 'Life' Writing and BioView® Stories. But, how do you write a BioView®?

If you were to meet...

'Life' Writing and BioView® Stories - by Author Dr Charles Margerison

An Approach to Life Writing

Increasingly, people are writing their own life story and also the life stories of family members. It is a form of psychological literature where people express their perceptions and emotions about people and places in their lives.


You Are Amazing!

Amazing People


Do Amazing People Take After Their Parents?

The Parents of Amazing People

What Influence Do They Have?

an article by Dr Charles Margerison, President of the Amazing People Club®...

Amazing Thinkers

Amazing Thinkers - Six 'Thinking' Skill Words To Guide Students 

An Action Learning Case at Springbrook School, Queensland, Australia

By Dr Charles Margerison
President of The Amazing People Club...

Will YOU Read This?

Reading. What can you do to encourage reading?

by Dr Charles Margerison

It is often said that...

MEN! Gift giving for women made easy!

Men! The perfect gift for women - AMAZING WOMEN and AMAZING LOVE STORIES.

“I have written their life stories, as if they are talking to me personally. Each one can be read, or heard via an audio recording, in about 10 to 15 minutes.”

- Dr Charles Margerison...

What Makes YOU Happy?

Whenever we meet a friend or person in business, the first question we usually ask is, ‘How are you?’ Normally, people smile and say they are going well. Sometimes, people complain about the state of their health or, maybe about their job or lack of one. Within a short time, you can assess if the other person is happy or not. If you ask them what makes them...

How Multi-Millionaires Made Money

by Dr Charles Margerison
Psychologist and President of The Amazing People Institute

Henry Ford, Coco Chanel, Andrew Carnegie, Elizabeth Arden, Mayer Rothschild are all...

"I Can Do That!"

How determined are you?
by Dr Charles Margerison
President of The Amazing People Club

Mozart heard...