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Our Freebies ..... What is a BioView®?

Have you downloaded our FREE eBooks and Audios yet? Perhaps you want to know more about these AMAZING BioViews® stories?  

Samuel Morse – FREE Educational eBook and Audio for August

Who was Samuel Morse? Inventor or artist? Find out more about this very talented man as we offer you another amazing FREE eBook or Audio to add to your collection. This offer is for EVERYONE, so join in so you can come face to face with more 'Amazing People'. 

August Newsletter is out now!

Our August newsletter reminds us of significant dates and that it is also Romance Awareness Month! What will inspire you to put a little romance in your life?

~ Think of art, romantic cities and love stories ~


July Newsletter - out now!

July News - Half the year has gone and it’s not too late to turn those many ideas and aspirations into reality! Time ‘to take the bull by the horns’ and take charge! Check out our latest news and mark some significant dates on your calendars.

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Welcome to The Amazing People Club. We publish books and audio stories about the world’s most amazing people, from Shakespeare to Curie, Lincoln to Nightingale, Michelangelo to Disney.

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