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How to encourage reading!

Learning and the iPad

Whether at home or in the classroom, would you like to see your children engrossed in fascinating life stories about some of the most amazing people that ever lived? 

They will be fascinated to hear William Shakespeare tell them about his life and work and to listen to Michelangelo describe what motivated him to create such magnificent masterpieces. Our multimedia range of eBooks, takes full advantage of iPad technology, and engages readers through video, audio, image and text. Avatar software brings learners “face to face” with amazing people, who have made major contributions to important fields such as art, exploration, business, politics and science.

What more can we learn from Christopher Columbus and other amazing people? 

Marco Polo - FREE eBook and Audio for October

In conjunction with Columbus Day, we invite you to meet another incredible Italian explorer, MARCO POLO. Download our FREE eBook and Audio and get an in-depth insight into his exciting life and discover what it was that drove him forwards no matter how difficult the journey.


October Newsletter

Education is a 'serious business', however in our October Newsletter, we have some 'fun' dates for you to share with your students. Christopher Columbus, Mahatma Gandhi and Gerhard Domagk are three of our amazing people featured and to say October is a busy month....well see for yourself! Happy reading!


Sojourner Truth - FREE eBOOK and AUDIO for September

In conjunction with Women of Achievement Month, we are offering you the FREE eBook and Audio story of SOJOURNER TRUTH. What better way to celebrate women all around the globe than the rewarding and courageous story of this remarkable woman. This month, highlight amazing women in history and share their inspiratonal stories with your students and your children.

Books, eBooks and Audios

Welcome to The Amazing People Club. We publish books and audio stories about the world’s most amazing people, from Shakespeare to Curie, Lincoln to Nightingale, Michelangelo to Disney.

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